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Golden Tickets

posted Oct 7, 2016, 7:09 AM by


We, the EGS staff, have decided to allow all students to participate in respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors.  These lucky students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate the best behaviors possible and will learn the secrets of success and the magic of kindness and positivity.

Golden tickets have been hidden in plain sight. These golden tickets can be given anywhere at anytime when you, the student or your class, is making positive, respectful and safe choices throughout your day.  The golden tickets may be found in your classroom, on the playground, during lunch, or even in the hallway.

In addition, one student may have the chance to receive a special prize beyond the feeling of greatness and achievement, as a result of contributing to your classroom awards.  Once these tickets have been received, these tickets are yours to keep. They will never be taken and cannot be returned!  Good luck to ALL and here’s to your success being respectful, responsible, and safe.